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Aman Ki Asha (A peace initiative)

 After a long period of time a ray of hope has been seen among the people of India and Pakistan. Actually such efforts have been seen after a long time. It is generally said that electronic media has played an important role to create tension and conflict between India and Pakistan. But I will not discuss this issue now. I do not agree completely with this view because it is not wise to defame the whole media due to the fault of one or two channels. The same media had also played the role to bring both countries close. The latest example is the peace initiative titled ‘Aman Ki Asha’ which has been started by the biggest media group of Pakistan, Jang and Geo with the association of Indian media group, Times of India. Both these groups have found after a survey in both India and Pakistan that the people of India and Pakistan want peace in both these countries. This is good that such efforts represent at least public sentiment. Though this is a survey report but it tells us that due to bureaucracy and some negative forces the efforts are being done to destroy peace and to create conflict in the region. Though it serves the interest of certain people but we cannot imagine the damage done by it. So there is a need of such plans which could unearth these negative forces and be produce before the people for their trial. Various columns have been written in India and Pakistan on the report of Aman Ki Asha. Most of the people have appreciated it. But I would like to quote a column which is an attempt to demoralize such efforts. Mohammad Ahmad Trazi has written in his online Urdu International column that “Two big media groups of Pakistan and India have made a survey in Pakistan and India with the name ‘Aman Ki Asha’. According to survey report 72% Pakistanis and 66% Indians voted in favor of peaceful relations. This survey report also says that the opinions of men, women, children and old are same in India but in Pakistan men are more in favor of peace than women. It is to be noted that during the survey titled ‘Aman Ki Asha’ 64% Pakistanis were of the opinion that ‘with the name of India Kashmir comes into mind’. Though the meaning of Aman Ki Asha is the hope of peace, which is not a bad idea, but how many who participated in this survey know that what is the basic nature of conflict between Pakistan and India? We must keep in mind here that just a day before the publication of this survey report the speech of Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor was also published which he delivered in a seminar in Delhi. General Deepak Kapoor had clearly said in the seminar that India is preparing for a simultaneous war with Pakistan and Chine and hopes for a victory. He perhaps unable to understand that victory in a war does not depend totally on weapons, but it needs a spirit and morale which was shown by the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Committee, General Tariq Majid who said that Indian Army chief knows well what Indian Army could do and what ability Pak armed forces have. He said that let forget China, General Deepak Kappor knows well that what ability the Indian army has and what it can do militarily. The remark of General Tariq Majid is the voice of whole nation that Indian Chief knows what Pak army can do. Every one can understand from the statement of General Tariq Majid that Pakistani army is always ready to counter any one and to give their lives for the nation. It may be noted here that earlier Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parwez Kyani’s statement and now that of General Tariq Majid is a strong reply to the enemy. Actually, India from the day one is against the existence of Pakistan and is trying to accomplish the objective of ‘akhand Bharat’ (undivided India). Now as India enjoys the support of America and America has signed a nuclear deal with India and America gave such a character to India in Afghanistan which cannot be justified in any way. And India taking the advantage of this opportunity is busy in spreading a network of terrorism in the whole country. India on one hand is suppressing and torturing Kashmiris and on the other hand is making every effort to destroy the atmosphere of tribal areas and Baluchistan from the soil of Afghanistan and with the help of America. India, perhaps, on the basis of these plans, thinks that Pakistan will fall pray to it.” Such views are an attempt to sabotage these peace initiatives. People are not only talking about Indo-Pak friendship but they are also dreaming that one SARC countries will be able to make an association like Europe and there will be a common currency so that we will be able to tackle the new challenges of 21st century. It is a cordial request to Mr. Tarazi that please do not target these initiatives by talking like this, but look towards your own country before attacking India that Pakistan is becoming the slave of America which has not only destroyed Pakistan but also affecting the whole region. There is still a time that people related to media come forward with positive thinking and work for the betterment of both the countries.


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  1. Hello Sir,
    Read your article on ‘Aman ki Asha’. Its absolutely great to see that the initiative took by the print medias has not only been well received by the common man but has also got the attention and appreciation of intellectual class.
    Not only this article throws good light on initiative and process of Aman ki Asha but also is a suitable reply to the people, who for their petty gains are trying to undermine this attempt.
    Looking forward for some more genuine thoughts.

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