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Taliban: facts and figures



Meaning                      : Taliban is derived from Arabic word ‘Talib’ means a student.

Year of foundation     :           1989

Opeation                     :           September 1994

Faith                            :           Wahabi Deobandi

Political view              :           Pashtun Nationalism, Dictatorial Khilafat

Countries                     :           Pakistan, Afghanistan

Leader                         :           Mulla Omar, Mulla Obaidullah Aukhwand

Number                       :           7000 to 11000 (according to the statistics of 2008)

Original shape             :           Students of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam

Allied groups              :           Al Qaeda, Hizb-e-Islami (Gulbadin Hikmat Yar group),

Hizb-e-Inqilab-e-Islami (Maulvi Ghulam Nabi

Mohammadi), Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, Islamic

Movement of Uzbekistan

Operational method    :           Taliban consider democracy and other political systems as

un-Islamic and elect their President by Baiah (oath) and

call him ‘Amirul Momineen’.

Beginning                    :           In February 1989 when Soviet Union after ten years of

Afghanistan occupation called back its last force, civil war

like situation emerged in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was

totally destroyed economically and socially. Afghan

fighters came to the forefront to resolve the crisis and to

lead the country. Thousands of Afghan orphans and

homeless children were brought up in Pakistani Madrasas.

Saudi and Pak administrations, after providing them full

financial support, made these students of Madrasas Islamic


Training                       :           Taliban were given army training by Pak ISI.


Historical view of Taliban


Rule on Afghanistan   :           1996-2001

Diplomatic relations    :           UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia (which accepted the rule

of Taliban)

September 5, 1995      :           Capture of Herat

1996                            :           Osama bin Laden came to Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia

on the invitation of Northern Alliance leader Abdur Rab

Rasool Saiyaf

May 25, 1997              :           Pakistan accepts Taliban as the legal government of


May 26, 1997              :           Saudi Arab also acknoledges Taliban as the legal

government of Afghanistan

August 8, 1998           :           Capture of Mazar-e-Sharif

August 20, 1998         :           America releases orders to attack four places of


1997                            :           Cultivation of Opium banned

July 27, 2000               :           Opium cultivation banned

2001                            :           Pleased with the deduction of Opium product America

gives crores of dollars to Taliban

1997-2001                   :           Trained Al Qaeda militants continue to join Taliban

September 22, 2001    :           UAE and Saudi Arab break their diplomatic relations with

Taliban after the alleged involvement of Taliban and

Osama in 9/11 conspiracy

Otober 7, 2001            :           America attacks Taliban with the help of NATO forces and Britain

October 9, 2001          :           Capture of Mazar-e-Sharif by America

January 16, 2002         :           UN Security Council bans all the assets and arms linked to

bin Laden and Taliban

November 21, 2001    :           Defeat of Taliban in Kabul

December 9, 2001       :           Taliban cleared completely from Afghanistan

December 22, 2001     :           Hamid Karzai appointed as the head or interim government

of Afghanistan

January, 2002              :           Taliban acknoledges interim government



Recent attacks of Taliban


December 27, 2007     :           Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and 20 others were

killed during a suicide bomb and gun attack at Rawalpindi

January 10, 2008         :           A suicide bomber explodes himself outside Lahore High

Court, killing 24 and injurying many others

February 29, 2008       :           40 killed and nearly 60 injured during a suicide attack in

Swat valley, on the funeral of a police official

March 11, 2008           :           A seven storeyed Police Head Quarter and a building was

attacked in Lahore in which 24 people killed and more than

200 injured

August 21, 2008         :           A suicided bomber blew himself outside an arms

manufacturing factory and killed 67 people and injured 100

September 6, 2008      :           Suicide bomb attack on a check point near Peshawar, 35

killed, 80 injured

September 20, 2008    :           A heavy suicide bomb explosion in Mariet Hotel,

Islamabad, 54 killed and 250 injured

November 26-28, 2008:          Ten attackers (suspected as Pak nationals) targeted big

hotels, Jewish centre and many other places of Mumbai and

killed more than 164 people


March 3, 2009             :           Gunmen attacked Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore,

injurying many players, 6 Police officials including a driver


March 27, 2009           :           A suicide bomber attacks a mosque in the Northwest area

of Jamrud, 50 people were killed

March 30, 2009           :           A gunman attacks a Police Academy on the outskirts of

Lahore with rifles and granades

May 27, 2009              :           A suicide bomber targets buildings, homes and offices of

secret agencies in which 30 people killed and 250 injured

June 9, 2009                :           Heavy explosion in a five star hotel of Peshawar, 11 killed

and 70 wounded

June 12, 2009              :           Heavy explosion in Jamia Naimia, 11 dead and dozens

wounded. Sarfarza Naimi, the famous religious leader who

gave fatwa against Taliban was also killed in this attack.

June 12, 2009              :           Suicide attack on the mosque of military supply depot of

Naushehra, 4 security officials killed and more than 80


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