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Another Kashmiri abducted

Issued by Dr Shabir Choudhry

 Another Kashmiri abducted by Pakistani secret agency London 16 December 2009 It looks that Pakistani secret agencies have decided to crush activities of Kashmiri dissidents in Azad Kashmir or more appropriately Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, area under their control since 1947. Another young Kashmiri Kabeer Shah has been abducted from Athmaqaam three days ago, and no one knows his where about. Four Kashmiri youths were abducted by ISI Lt Col Hamza from Muzaffarabad about four weeks ago and were only released after a massive campaign for their release in Muzaffarabad and close coordination and support of Asian Human Rights Commission and other human rights groups. The detainees were taken to a Pakistani city of Peshawer where they were severely tortured and their families harassed and intimidated. Neelam Valley and Athmaqaam are the worst areas for human rights abuse by Pakistani agencies and forces of occupation. These areas are not easily accessible and are divided by LOC. Also these areas are the focal point for infiltration of militants across the LOC therefore very sensitive as far as the Pakistani agencies are concerned. In view of growing activities of the secret agencies and abduction cases Kashmiris in Muzaffarabad have set up Missing Persons Society to monitor activities of the secret agencies and to provide support and legal help to victims of abduction. Famous political activist and a leader of NSF Mahmood Baig has been elected Chairman of this group and Afzaal Sulehria, Zonal President of Kashmir National Party has been elected Secretary General. Both of them played a lead role in the release of the four abductees last week. While speaking to Dr Shabir Choudhry, Afzaal Sulehria said, we are really concerned about the growing abduction cases of Kashmiri political activists, and request all freedom loving people to help us to fight illegal activities of the Pakistani secret agencies. Pakistani secret agencies, especially ISI has little regard for the Pakistani law, but as far as Pakistani Administered Kashmir is concerned they are law themselves, as they do not come under jurisdiction of the local law. Local administration even President and Prime Minister of Pakistani Administered Kashmir have no control over them. IG police of Pakistani Administered Kashmir is always a Pakistani and has no control over the activities of the secret agencies.

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