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Baseless allegations on India — New Strategy of Pakistan

Just a few weeks ago bilateral talks between India and Pakistan have started due to the initiatives of India. But, every one knows that some section of Pakistani society has started opposing this initiative. Some called it as a defeat of India. But despite of all these oppositions India welcomed Pakistani delegation in India and stressed the need of reaching on any consensus to solve all pending problems. And we can hope now that these efforts will surely bring some results. But there is also a need to have an eye on those elements which want to sabotage all these initiatives to build mutual trust. Indian media very positively did not oppose this initiative. But, Pakistani media is still involved in raising doubts over Indian intention. There are a large number of Pakistani columnists who are continuously putting blames on India. A columnist, Shabbir writes, “India is trying very hard for its supremacy in the region. It is ready to pay any cost for this. But, it believes Pakistan as a biggest hurdle in its task. This is the reason why it utilizes every opportunity to attack Pakistan. It has waged various wars against Pakistan. It even did not hesitate to divide Pakistan into two parts. It was an international terrorism. But no country has called India a terror state yet. The whole world knows that India is the biggest terror country of the world which not only carrying out terrorism against its own people but also against the unarmed people of Kashmir. It has turned the inevitable part of Pakistan into a haven since last 63 years. It is calling the freedom fighters of Kashmir as terrorists, though it had promised Kashmiri people at the United Nations to give them their right to self-autonomy. So, tell me how they are terrorists?”

Mr. Shabbir perhaps does not know the actual data of terrorism in his own country, lest he should avoid making such statements. But, if you do not want to see the truth then the story is different. Mr. Shabbir goes on blaming India that it is carrying out terror activities across Pakistan. He alleges that India is doing all this to divert the attention of international community form the issue of Kashmir. He also blames India for supporting Taliban. But the fact is that not a single proof of Indian involvement in these terrorist attacks across Pakistan is found. So, all these allegations on India by Pakistani columnists are baseless and have nothing to do with truth. It is an attempt to mobilize international community against India which will not bring any fruit.

As far as the bilateral talks are concerned it is not the defeat of India. Contrary to this India is really serious to establish peace and harmony in the region. India is not doing this in pressure of Pakistan or America. Actually, America wants a tripartite talk with Pakistan and Afghanistan. For this a working group has also been established. So, the Pakistani columnists should focus on this fact and must avoid blaming India for everything in Pakistan.

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  1. رابعہ ریحٰن

    After the partition, this kind of pessimistic thinking has been one of the biggest reasons for the failure of mutual understanding and consensus between India and Pakistan. Many times a layman believes on what he reads and does not understand the hideous plan of the writer who wrote just to fulfill his own petty interests and not out of patriotism. It seems that Mr. Shabbir belongs to the same category of writers. If Pakistan really wants to maintain mutual ties with its neighbor than it is necessary for it put a check on such negative ideas from floating among the public. As such ideas dose nothing but to accentuate the apathy between the two countries.
    And as far as India being a terrorist state is concerned, we do not need to prove anything as numerous names like Kasab and Faisal Shahzad, say it all. Now the entire world is aware of the origin of these terrorists.

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