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Change in the attitude of America towards Pakistan

We are seeing a positive change in US attitude towards Pakistan since last several days. Almost every top leader of America is appraising Pakistan for its cooperation in ‘war against terror’ in the last one and half years. Defense Secretary of America, Robert Gates has also said that ‘the way Pakistan is engages in military operations against extremists’ shows that it is serious in its action. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also highlighted that the mood in the US regarding Pakistan’s commitment to root out militancy from its soil has changed over the period of time and that the Obama Administration is no longer suspicious of Islamabad. And the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had said after strategic dialogue, “The two nations have had … misunderstandings … and there are sure to be more disagreements in the future as there are between any friends or, frankly, any family members. But this is a new day,”

All these developments suggest that a slight change has come in US attitude towards Pakistan and some level of trusts prevail between America and Pakistan. So, this is a good time for Pakistan to utilize the opportunity in building the infrastructure of the country like roads, schools, elimination of poverty, providing electricity to its people because through these measures only Pakistan could get the trust of its people. That is the reason why Hillary Clinton has clearly said that Islamabad must realise that demanding more military and financial assistance would not resolve issues, rather the dialogue between both countries should also include methods to improve the lives of the Pakistani people.

Actually, America is seriously worried on increasing anti-US sentiments among Pakistani people which could take lead to a critical situation. Pakistani people at large are angry with continuous drone strikes by America in which various innocent people are also being killed. So, by aiding and supporting developmental works in Pakistan, America wants to achieve the trust of the people. But the problem is that Pakistan uses every financial aid from America in building its military strength against India. Pakistan must realize that it could root out extremism from its soil by rebuilding the infrastructure of the country only. And it should use all financial aid from America in this work only and not in strengthening its military. With this change of heart only the peace could prevail in the region. In this regard, the statement of Pakistani Army Chief is encouraging that his country will stop demanding military ‘hardware’ from America if it assures Islamabad for providing assistance in the energy and economic sectors.

 But the way Pakistan once again has started increasing its troops along its eastern border with India, suggests that Pakistan is not going to give up its old policies and will surely use monitory help from America in strengthening its military against India.

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