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Increasing threat on Indian border

The concern regarding safety and maintenance of Indian borders is increasing day by day. India was facing the threat of infiltration from Pakistan side only, but now this trend has been started by other nations also. The way China has started looking at India, should not be ignored in any way. First we heard the news of Chinese Army’s incursion in Indian territories at Ladakh, and then came the reports of Chinese Army’s movements along the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh. Though these reports are not old, but are shocking because by not giving any response like the past, China has showed its malicious intentions.  This attitude of China is a matter of grave concern by various means. There has always been up and downs in the relations between India and China. China has clearly felt that there is no other super power in the region which could stand next to it. China is also influencing Pakistan with its support. China is steadily spreading its wings in the controversial and captured areas of Pakistan. There are various reasons for it, for example, China feels that to have a control over the region it has to take favor and support of various countries of the region. China knows that US, with the help of India, could firmly put its feet that and so it has decided to go along with Pakistan. On the other hand Pakistan feels safe to side with China. Pak’s problem is that it is becoming a puppet in the hands of America and on the other hand playing a new game with China. Is this Pak’s destiny to become a toy in the hands of others? This is Pakistan’s wrong feeling that it could weaken India with the help of China. To pursue this thinking Pakistan is taking the help of Chinese Army in occupied Kashmir and Balawaristan and China is happily sending its troops to that region. If Pakistan thinks that Chinese presence in occupied Kashmir would strengthen its position then it again wrong. Is this not possible that those regions get freedom from weak Pakistan? In this context the situation is against India but it is not serious. India knows how to save itself and has the ability to tackle all such situations. China is living in other world. Sometimes it exhibits its power and sometimes tries to violate international norms by crossing Indian border. Recently China has celebrated its 60th anniversary in Tiananmen Square. The military power of China was shown on large numbers on this occasion. It is said that China gave main focus on the exhibition of its weapons. Different types of weapons and military forces were showed on this occasion. Many countries of the world are shocked on this exhibition but no one wants to speak openly. But India is taking all these developments into consideration because it does not stop here but is related with making incursion in the border.

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