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Establishment of a new US State in Pakistan

Ayaz Mahmood


Establishment of a new US State in Pakistan

Hillary Clinton in the forefront to destabilize Obama

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a way, has announced the establishment of a new US State by declaring Afghan-Pak border as a centre of terrorism. The State will be like Israel and will have Christian dominance where Jews could come and go freely. This is a well planned strategy of America to enter a country with a mission to fight Taliban and al Qaeda and then get the control of that country slowly. New target is Iran and every move has been fixed up by America to take the full control of Iran’s oil reserves. As Hillary Clinton is trying to prove Barack Hussain Obama a failure President she has paved the way for sending more American troops to Afghanistan. But Obama is strictly against the interference in any other country and wants to give equal respect to everyone. But Hillary Clinton and other Republicans do not agree with Obama on this matter. Democrat Secretary is speaking in the language of Republicans and wants to gather nearly 2-3 lakh people in that region so that locals of that area could be forced to leave. And thus they could make the area a US State under the dominance of Christians. Drone attacks on these areas would stop only when US get satisfaction that Muslims have left the region. The dream was first seen by Bush which is being finalized by Mrs. Clinton. It shows that she is much closed to Bush rather than Obama. To prove her claim Clinton has warned that the returning of al Qaeda in Afghanistan would be havoc and no one could ever imagine its destruction. She is trying to threaten Obama by giving such statements. This is the part of policy adopted by Bush administration to declare Islam in the world as a terrorist religion. Pakistani people are not aware about this new plan of America.


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