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Supreme Court of Pakistan and action against General Musharraf

The politics of Pakistan is revolving around General Musharraf since last one month. Everyone in Pakistan is demanding action against former President. But various political parties are raising this issue just to take political benefit from it. This has been the history of Pakistan that the political parties raise issues withount fully considering it and just to take political benefit out of it. As such these issues become a mere political agenda. The fresh example of this is that even those people are supporting the move against Musharraf who have been loyal to Musharraf in the past. They include some people from the judiciary also, though in the past they were in favour of Chadhuary Iftekhar, who provided legal secuirty to Musharraf in the past. But at that time no one raised voice against Chadhuray. It is the tragedy of Pakistan that its people forget the realities very soon. Now, the fight is between Musharraf and his natural enemy Nawaz Sharif. How it is possible that any political crisis emerges in Pakistan and there is not US and British involvement? But the question is whether the time is perfect for taking action against Musharraf? Or is it an effort to divert the attention of Pak people and international community from the turbulent situation of Pakistan? It this is so then it will sure hamper the on-going military operation against Taliban and other extremists. People will forget poverty and other main problems of the country and indulge in anti-Musharraf slogans. But there is division between the Government and the opposition on this issue. Perhaps one of its reasons is that the government is under foreign pressure. And the other reason for this difference may be that as the Chief Justice appointed by Musharraf, who is illegal in the eyes of opposition, performed the oath of present President Asif Ali Zardari. Then how is it possible that the President, who took oath in the hands of illegal Chief Justice, is himself right and legal? The other hurdle is that Prime Minister Yusuf Reza Gilani has said that if Parliament decideds unanimously to take action against Musharraf then his government is ready to try him. But, it is not possible as some members of Pakistani National Assembly are the supporters of former President General Parwez Musharraf. Nawaz Sharif is not happy with the statement of Gialni and does not think Parliament’s interference into this matter necessary. He is of the opinion that every dictator has tried to violate the constitution of the country. Police has filed an F.I.R. against former military dictator on the instructions of a session court of Islamabad, for detaining judges including Iftekhar Chaudhury, after imposing emergency in the country on 3 November. But no report was filed against him on the charges of treason. Now, everyone is asking the same question that whether Musharraf will be tried under the charges of treason. America will try to save Musharraf, because he was the true friend and ally of America in its war against terror. Musharraf was the one who allowed US drone strike in Pakistan and facilitated to act against Taliban by every means.


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